Owner’s and Leader’s Meeting 2011

Twelve (12) Owners, Four (4) Assistant Owners from offices in Ortigas, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo City, guest speaker, Mr. Arabad Ibrahim and Head Office team lead by VP John Rankins have gathered together for the last Owners’ Meeting in 2011. It was held at the plush hotel Discovery Suites in Ortigas. The day was full of interesting topics as VP John, Jhune de Jesus and Arabad talked about “Running your Business”, “3Rs – Recruit/ Retrain/ Retain”, “Duplicating Yourself”, “Office Situations” and “Critical Conversations”. Steve Jobs video, “Stay Young, Stay Foolish” was also played to serve as an inspiration about believing in yourself and your dreams will come true! The second day of the year-end event started with the Leaders Meeting at the Dusit Hotel Ballroom. There were 110 people in attendance gathering the leaders from Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao. Seventeen Top Leaders, with distinctive personalities but with a common goal, were recognized and awarded their Top Leaders Certificate, namely, Charmaine Ixara Lawas, Richard Ombrosa, Grace Hernandez, Dennis Pudiño, Lilibeth Belicario, Kristoffer Ebale, Sitti Hairah Saramsaman, Ronnie Perez, Marilou Kinazo, Ma. Angela Bada, Julie Ann Tibubos, Nelson Delos Reyes, Sheryl Magonacia, Myrna Solaiman, Edwin Las Piñas, Mary Jane Megrenio and Krezia Lynar Solaiman. Ms. Liz Laysa Pontilar of Cagayan de Oro is a proud new owner with Aida Barcellano as her promoting owner. She was presented her Owner’s Certificate and was an inspiration to her team to work harder and be the next owner. The leaders were imparted with very important lessons and ideas as the speakers and owners spoke about the “Responsibility of a Leader”, “Day of Observation”, “Building Your Team” and “Recruit/ Retrain/ Retain”. Inspiring words from VP John Rankins sent them off empowered with encouragement for the year 2012.

Annual Dinner 2011 Year End Review Video


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