Warning! El Nino is coming! SAVE WATER by getting a FREE car wash without water!
FWI Philippines will launch another “No Water Wash Campaign” event this October!


Manila City, October 24. FW1 Philippines together with Haribon Foundation and De La Salle University’s Lay La Salle and Judicial Department continues to save thousands of gallons of water as they set off another “No Water Wash Campaign” FREE CARWASH event on the 24th of October 2015 at Quirino Grandstand parking area along with Haribon Foundation’s “Welcome to the Bird: Bird Kite Festival”.

After saving 5,000 gallons of water at its first event at Alabang Hills Village, FW1 Philippines will launch another “No Water Wash Campaign” event, and this time, to save 10,000 gallons of water by giving away FREE car washes to 100 cars and motorcycles. FW1 is a natural and environmental friendly all in one cleaning wax that removes dirt, tar, road grimes, scratches and marks all at the same time without the use of water in just a matter of seconds!

The “No Water Wash” Campaign supported by FW1 Philippines aims to conserve water to counter the El Niño Phenomenon in the Philippines where 40 provinces will be affected by drought, by giving away free car washes and initiating a “No Water Wash” water conservation seminar. Along with the free car washes, and seminar, FW1 Philippines will encourage people to save water by creating the #NoWaterWashChallenge, an online contest to drive people to participate in saving thousands of gallons of water by sending in before and after photos of their cars and motorcycles washed and waxed with FW1 to win one year of supply of FW1.

Saving water can be FUN with FW1!


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