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FW1 is an environment friendly high performance cleaning wax that is designed to clean vehicles without the use of water. It removes grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches and marks, most faded paints and tree sap in a matter of seconds.

FW1, which is made in USA, has been approved with a Smart Approved Watermark from the Australian Government to show it satisfies water-reduction criteria and is also environmentally friendly containing no silicones, teflon’s, or CFC’s which are harmful to the environment, and deplete the ozone layer. This water based formula is low VOC and compliant in all 50 states. FW1 does not contain any SARA 313 reportable ingredients. It also does not affect the greenhouse gasses because FW1 contains no greenhouse gasses.

Considering it takes about 150 gallons of water to wash one car, but only one can of FW1 to wash four medium sized cars, saving one billion gallons of water per year and counting.

FW1 can is made from 33% Recycled steel, the world’s most recycled material. The can, cap and spray are all Recyclable.

Applying FW1 is done in a few simple steps: Spray on light coat of FW1 in a small section, using a cloth rub in FW1 in a circular motion, using another cloth – preferably a micro-fibre towel – lightly buff to a shine.

You can find out more from their website: www.fw1.com.ph


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