No matter how old you are, where you’re from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common- the desire to be successful. We all have our own unique definition of success. Some may define success as being a loving and faithful spouse or a caring and responsible parent, while most people equate their success with wealth, fame, and power. We all want to achieve success so we live the life we always dreamed of- to have financial freedom, drive our dream car, and live in a beautiful house. However, climbing your way up to the pinnacle of success is not a one-day process. One of those few people who proved it, and we’re proud of having, is the Big Man of Optimo Philippines, Mr. Jhune De Jesus.

“Nothing is Impossible”- this was the response of Jhune De Jesus when asked about what would be his words of wisdom to people who are striving to be successful in their career. As he recalls how he started, it is evident that his life took an 180- degree turn for the better. At the tender age of eighteen, Jhune started working as a waiter for a living and for twelve years he held the same job title. He came to a point asking himself, “How is it that I’m still in the same position for 12 years?” Determined to change the course of the life he was leading, he decided to take a leap of faith and applied to different companies until he discovered Optimo International. He never knew that his first position as a Management Trainee in Optimo would ultimately skyrocket to a higher position. He even doubted his capabilities and wondered if he could achieve what he really wanted to pursue.

Being enthusiastic and persevering, Jhune suddenly realized how huge the opportunity he already has. He made a commitment to himself and decided to give his all and dedicate every effort to his goals. He also recalls that his experience didn’t just give him a career boost; he also grew to be a better person, his attitude towards work gave him a positive outlook and behavior, self-confidence was gained and work habits continued to change and improve. With the opportunity Optimo handed over to him, he passionately learned to love his work. In 2013, he was promoted to Divisional Manager. He imparts that his way to success was not a one-man show. Cooperation and being adept with working with a team is very important traits that every aspiring individual must possess. He is so grateful that his team really supported him and believed in him. He was not just promoted, he consistently receives awards such as the Manager of the Year and Sales Manager of the Year. This naturally ignited excitement and enthusiasm in Mr. De Jesus as he strived harder and he wanted to pass on the opportunity to others.

For Jhune, the way to success has a rambling and confusing path. He realizes that success is a precious gem you must treasure, must give importance to and great value. Every upgrade to his position, the responsibilities expand and expectations became higher. He knows his role is never easy and expects failures will always be along with his way but understands that these obstacles will never stop him from reaching his goals.

The real point of why he survived every challenge is that Optimo supported him all the way to develop his skills and manage his people. Optimo provided him a vast scope of learnings related to his role to become more equipped for his future. Unpleasant circumstances and failures molded him into a stronger and better version of himself. He never gave up and he proved that he can always be NUMBER 1.

Undeniably, Jhune’s success story is one of the most remarkable and inspiring stories in Optimo. He has traveled all over the world for business and pleasure. He surrounds himself with people who motivate him every single day and with those who give him a stand to become an inspiration specifically to those who look up to him. One of those people is Mr. John Rankins (The Founder of Optimo) who stood by his side along the way and continuously guides him to achieve his goals. Mr. De Jesus says if you want to be successful you have to understand—

“Life is a process that involves continuous learning, as long as you use your potential and eagerness to achieve your goals, nothing is impossible”.

– Kaycee Mallonga, 2017



Optimo Philippines celebrated their amazing Annual Awards Night at the remarkable and prestigious Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas. The theme was beautiful and elegant Modern Filipiniana on January 29, 2017. The amazing Master of Ceremonies Mr. Eduard Mercado and the beautiful Ms. Krizzelle Levanza made the event incredible with their inspiring messages and welcoming of all Optimo throughout the Philippines. People came from all over Zamboanga, Davao, Ilo-Ilo, Cebu, CDO, Gensan, Isabela, Alabang and Ortigas Branches.

We started the theme of 2016 with “Do whatever it takes” honoring the efforts and achievements of all Optimo Philippines. Executive Vice President John Rankins made the stage to honor and recognize the amazing growth that we created together “Doing whatever it takes”, by achieving 275% growth within a year and breaking every record in Optimo Philippines history. Optimo Philippines was also the number ONE fastest growing country in all of Optimo throughout the world. He stated he could not be prouder of any team that he’s ever worked with in his history of 25 years building entrepreneurs. He explained that “Doing whatever it takes” is the ultimate key to success and he set the theme for 2017 to be Optimo Philippines Best Year Ever! He talked about the 3 Keys to success and how we can all have our Best Year Ever.

1). First Key:“Focus is more important than intelligence”. This means that you get what you focus on, and what you focus on expands.
2). Second Key: The second Key to have our Best Year Ever is surrounding yourself with positive people, people who raise you up, people who inspire you, people who are also willing to do whatever it takes and support you in your goals.
3). Third Key: “Do whatever it takes” so that you have your best year ever. His speech was truly inspiring to guide us all to have our best year ever in 2017.

The highlight of the night was the highest reward and honor that Optimo can bestow upon anyone, the award of Vice Presidency and for the first time ever in the history of Optimo Philippines.

Executive Vice President John Rankins promoted our first ever Filipino Vice President Mr. Jhune De Jesus. From humble beginnings to ownership, to receiving an owner’s ring and the car program and becoming a Divisional Manager, Jhune De Jesus broke every record in Optimo Philippines history and has ranked the number one owner and Divisional Manager throughout all of Optimo Asia for the entire year of 2016. In recognition of his amazing achievement and becoming the very first Optimo Philippines Vice President he was given $20, 000 for a house for Optimo’s gratitude of him changing lives and developing leaders in the Philippines. With the recognition, our Executive Vice President John Rankins and new Vice President Jhune De Jesus both became very emotional, embraced and celebrated each other for the mutual support of building Optimo Philippines into becoming one of the greatest Optimo countries providing an opportunity for all Filipinos nationwide. Truly, his story of reaching the pinnacle of success is one of the most inspiring and motivating success stories in Optimo History.

Also acknowledging the significant contributions of the great performers for 2016 was another unforgettable part of the night. The following recipients of the listed awards were as well emotionally grateful with what they have achieved:

Top Leaders- Maricel Ababao, Michelle Calagos, Danilo de Jesus, Chrisitian Santiago, Jeffrey Bacala, Arjay Poseloro, Dante Sese Jr., John Paul Velasquez, Joan Cambri, Susan Cawaling, Ferdie Dela Cruz, Kenneth De Guzman, Arvin Concepcion, Christian Sumicad, Ruth Evangeline Umali, Lynde Cabarino, Sereine Pongos, Jenny Rose Manguiran, Aries Milo Torres, Gabby Carbonel, Leonora Pascua, and Ronel Monteloyola

Newly Promoted Owners – Joshua Morado, Julius Peralta, John Kenneth Paolo, Christ Jay Sumicad, John Peter Suangco, Julius Lucas
Rookie Manager of the Year – Edhrille Sorza
Top Sales Manager of the Year – Jhune De Jesus
Manager of the Year – Jhune De Jesus
Core Value Award for Value – KC Mallonga
Money Pin (250, 000 Savings) – Edhrille Sorza and Pifner Concepcion Jr.

What followed at the end of the night was a remarkable video presentation presented to pay tribute to the continuous excellent contributions and endless astounding support of our dearest Executive Vice President, Mr. John Rankins where he again became emotional upon the heartfelt gratitude of all Optimo Team Members ever since he has led the company in the Philippines.

“Maybe God really has a reason why he sent me here to the Philippines”, Mr. Rankins expressed while tears flowed down his face.
He then thanked all of Optimo Philippines for being part of his life. There were amazing gifts and surprises for all who came, a great performance of the live band: Sound of Era, as well as a sumptuously delicious dinner.

The night ended with the wonderful announcement to reward and recognize the spectacular team of Optimo Head Office being gifted an all-expense paid exciting trip to the beautiful and one of the most loved travel destinations in the world- Hokkaido, Japan. These people truly set the standard to have our best year ever: Eduard Mercado, Krizzelle Levanza, Eppie Acebedo, Ariane Dilag, Madonna Sato, Maryvic Domenden, Mary Joyce Buhat, Iya Eugenio, and KC Mallonga. These remarkable awards truly signify honor, respect, and recognition to all Optimo Team Members for all to have the Best Year Ever! See you on the next Optimo Awards Night: 2017!

– Dani Hernandez, 2017



September 21, 22 and 23, 2016 – Optimo Ultimate Leadership Camp was held at Gratchi’s Getaway Tagaytay Farm Resort.This 3-Day event is to improve leadership skills not just through actions but also through manners and behavior. The leaders are challenged mentally to be able to cope with some situations that seem hard in the future.

Mr. John Rankins (founder of Optimo) is the one who leads the program every morning and evening which talks about “HOW TO BE AN ULTIMATE LEADER”. Everybody knows that leadership is one of the most influential elements of managing businesses, that’s why the training provides leaders with the tools, knowledge, and ability to impact and inspire their followers. The program provides the opportunity for leaders to sharpen their skills and share their experience with other leaders to mature in their effectiveness and produce leaders that are able to lead with confidence and ease.

Every afternoon, the leaders were divided into 7 groups. Each group must experience physical and mental activities that can practice their abilities with discipline and cooperation. The tasks entail problem-solving skills and teamwork. Throughout the camp, everyone was given the opportunity to step into a leadership role and must apply the 10 principles of leadership. It was amazing to see they all shine as leaders, supported fellow leaders and surprised themselves as they took the opportunities presented to them, faced and overcome some of their biggest fears over the length of the camp. After each activity, the members took part in giving feedback on “What worked, “What didn’t work” and “What could work differently” to achieve their goals. The leaders are not to give their feedback but only receive and recap what the team said.

The Ultimate Leadership Camp was a huge success as 50 participants from various Offices had the opportunity to learn how and what it takes to be a leader. By participating lots of challenging activities has strengthened their teamwork, overcoming their fears, and enhanced critical thinking to solve each task given. And with these qualities, they have obtained it will be an advantage for the future demands of young and mature individuals. Plus, it will also be useful in everybody’s career as teamwork and trust is important in a working environment. Based on the whole camp, I believe that this camp was marvelous and it should be carried on for future Leadership training because this camp was a life changing experience. It gives us the opportunity to try new things and it helps us develop leadership skills that will help us now and in the future.

Everyone had an amazing time and awesome learnings.

Congratulations to everyone and looking forward to another wonderful training.

Leaders Always Remember:

Now I am The Voice.
I Will Lead, Not Follow.
I Will Believe, Not Doubt.
I Will Create, Not Destroy.
I am a Force For Good, I am a Force For God.
I am an Ultimate Leader!
I Defy the Odds. I Set a New Standard.
I Step Up!”

– Kaycee Mallonga, 2016



Optimo International starts the year with merriment as it celebrates its 20th Annual Dinner in a glamour “Great Gatsby” style on the 31st of January 2016 at Dusit Thani Makati City. The special event hosted by Mr. Eduardo Mercado Jr. and Ms. Krizzelle Levanza was to honour the people for their achievements and to acknowledge their hard work and perseverance throughout the previous year.

The most awaited annual dinner was attended by teams from different offices such as Alabang, Bacolod, Davao, IloIlo, Isabela, Naga, Ortigas, and Zamboanga office. To spice it up, special guest DJ Calvin Felipe turned up the music as the dazzling beautiful ladies and astounding gentleman dance with the beat. It was a wonderful night. Hearts are filled with gratitude and excitement when Vice President, John Rankins and Divisional Manager, Jhune De Jesus presented the recognition awards to the awardees. Some are emotional upon receiving their awards and most are grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to be part of the organization where success is possible and within the reach.

The night was even more memorable as Vice President John Rankins awarded the Man of the Year to Divisional Manager, Jhune De Jesus. Both shared the stage as they empower their team and showered them with inspiring words and encouragement to achieve their goals for this year. “OPTIMO, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES”

– Krizzelle Levanza, 2016










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