Mr. Jhune de Jesus, Divisional Manager

Mr. de Jesus is currently handling Flyers and Fast Wax Division with 21 Managers in his organization. He joined the business in September 2005. When he started the new Division (FW1) this year, he said it’s very challenging at first but because of hard work and time management, he was able to conquer his challenges and currently FW1 Philippines is No. 1 in the Juice Bulletin Asia.

His key to success is believe in yourself, system implementation and execution, and focus in the business.

aida barcellano

Ms. Aida Barcellano, Manager

Ms. Barcellano joined Optimo on May 23 2009.

Coming from a background of hospitality restaurant management, her natural enthusiasm for sales fast-tracked her progression from Field Sales Representative to Sales Manager after 9 months in the business.

Her key to success is being honest and fair, build strong relationships with target guys and maintain balance. She is currently handling Naga Sales Office.

shyne tambiga

Ms. Shyne Tambiga, Manager

Having graduated from University with a degree in Civil Engineering, Ms. Tambiga discovered Optimo Group while she was looking for a job after coming back in Japan.

In just 6 months, Shyne was promoted as Manager and open her first branch in Iloilo.

rose peralta

Ms. Rose Peralta, Manager

Ms. Peralta joined Optimo in September 2011 and after a year she was promoted as Sales Manager and is currently handling Ortigas Advertising Division.

Rose’s maturity, sales expertise, mentoring and proven leadership skills have been invaluable for the success of Advertising Division in Manila area.


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