Umbro is a sporting company based in Manchester, England, and it has launched three fragrances, all listed as suitable for both men and women. The company is a leading designer and marketer of world-class football and rugby clothing and footwear, and its line also includes general sportswear, sporting footwear and sports equipment, sold in more than 90 countries around the world. The company was founded in 1924 by brothers Wallace and Harold Humphreys.

Umbro Eau de Toilette line comes in three scents, Citrusy Power, Warm Energy and Spicy Action. Umbro power is a relaxed, understated fragrance for men, although women who enjoy clean and light scents that are fresh without being floral will like it as well. The scent opens with lively citrus notes. The middle notes are comprised of fresh, dewy fruits, and the base notes of cloves and cinnamon add a deeper element to this scent, making it worthy of its name. Overall, this fragrance is sporty and is designed for casual daytime wear. It is light with a soft finish, and these qualities make it a good choice for hot climates and summer days

Other signature scents in the designer’s sporty fragrance collection include the Umbro
warm and citrusy Energy and Umbro Action.
Each perfume comes with a body spray of preferred scent and sold locally for Php 599
through mall booth activation.


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